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Guangdong Foshan Today Doors and Windows Co., Ltd.

  • We are more authoritative


    Guangdong Today Door & Window Co., Ltd. is destined to be different from the day the brand was born. At the beginning of the company's founding, it invested heavily in the introduction of German imports of Amway Pepsi, Italy MECAL and other automatic CNC production equipment.

    Our company has established a professional team of more than 20 professional designers which has never been surpassed but imited all the time.



    Today, Guangdong Doors & Windows Co., Ltd. serves people with high requirements on product details, quality and individuality. The products cover high-end aluminum wood doors and windows, high-performance aluminum alloy doors and windows. As well as the intelligent sun room, the products have obtained dozens of national patents, and are the designated processing bases for the doors and windows of the German ROTO i system.

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    InAt the beginning of the establishment of Guangdong Today Doors and Windows Co., Ltd., it invested heavily in the introduction of automatic CNC production equipment such as Germany imported Amway Pepsi and Italy MECAL. The production process adopts door and window systemized operating standards to achieve a refined, data-based and scientific management mode.

    At the same time, it strictly implements ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 international environmental management system to create German-style craftsmanship and quality of high-end aluminum wood door and window products.

  • We are more professional


    OWe never forget the ingenuity, focus on every aspect of production, adhere to technology research and development and innovation to create a brand with quality, and bring today's enjoyment to the upper consumers.

    Now we have more than 200 kinds of complete aluminum doors and windows products.

  • We are more considerate


    We dedicate 24 hours to make your service.

    Whenever there are professional customer service managers online to answer your questions one to one in time.

    We call back to customers routinelly and follow up and guide in time. We think for the customers and lay stress on communication and experience.

    If you fails to connect our customer service, please dial the toll-free number +86-400-808-6238.

Support policies

Guangdong Today Door & Window Co., Ltd.

  • Decorate to support

    Decorate to support

    Professional designers design free, according to the different nature of the joining trader provide a certain amount of subsidy decorate.

  • Sample free shop

    Sample free shop

    Return after the first payment installment, the purchase amount 10% return, from one year from the date of the sample order.

  • Training guidance

    Training guidance

    Company not regularly every year to give dealers a full range of operational training, business personnel regular business guidance.

  • Market protection

    Market protection

    Since joining the contract signed, I doors in your store will not sign a second within 40 km, put an end to string of goods price fighting the same district.

  • Business planning

    Business planning

    Join company for each business, open plan carefully planning, open and free gift bag.

  • Promotional material

    Promotional material

    Don't support dealer promotion activities regularly, company specific solutions, special products and promotional materials.

  • Advertising


    Industry first O2O model, with local customer want to buy the aluminum tempered glass window and door product will be directly allocated to local dealers.

  • Every year The profit

    Every year The profit

    To complete the contract task of dealers, give high annual rebate, allowing you to make the basin is full.

Support policies